Powered by the wind it measures

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Ultimate in quality - every sensor wind tunnel tested and calibrated - NIST traceable

Do you need alarms?  Do you need internet connectivity?  Mobile smartphone remote asccess? Datalogging capabilities?  Extended range to 1000 ft or more? We have all this and more.


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An internal generator provides all the power for operation of Etesian Technologies patented anemometer.  No batteries to replace, no "rechargeable" battery, waiting for the clouds to scatter and the sun to break through the fog.  At just 5 MPH wind speed your wind sensor in on line transmitting data once per second back to the readout.


I need a crane anemometer

I have an aerial work platform

I stage outdoor events

In the news:

July 13

Etesian now OEM supplier to Tadano Mantis Cranes

Jan 15

Genie Terex chooses Etesian BreezeSonic

Oct 22

Wm Stein Etesian Founder presents at IPAF Safety conf

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Wireless Self-Powered Anemometers

Measuring Wind Speeds Has Never Been Easier

No Dead Batteries    No Cables

I have a wind turbine

I need mobile access

I need fountain controller

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Accessories and Options

Data Logging

Sensor Mounts

Smartphone App

Alarms: Audible, Visible, Relay Contacts, Text Messages or Email

Auxillary inputs for local sensors i.e. Power, Temperature, Baro pressure

Available in 916.5 and 868.35 MHz

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